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01 May 2020


The Arts Week is a celebration of the visual arts in West Wiltshire, and takes the form of a series of open studios and galleries for a nine day period every other year. This year it runs from 2nd - 10th May inclusive.

This week I will be opening my new garden studio to visitors for the first time - so please drop by to see me at work in my home environment, my lovely garden (saying this motivates me to weed it), and my latest designs including a number of originals!

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New name! Olivia Hicks Art becomes Olivia de Rivaz

09 Oct 2018

Having made an honest man of long suffering minion/artist's assistant Giles in September 2018, Olivia is embracing her new identity and changing the name of her business to her married name Olivia de Rivaz. It's rather fancy, but admittedly a little confusing on the pronounciation front - it's DUH-REE-VARZE, with the emphasis on the REE bit apparently.

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BSAVA Companion page 1 June 20.png
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tatler luxury interiors may 2018
tatler magazine may 2018

BSAVA Companion Magazine

June 04, 2020

Interview in BSAVA Companion

Tatler Magazine

April 01, 2018

Olivia's work has been included in Tatler magazine's luxury interiors feature, in their May, June and July 2018 issues.

'Wraptious continue to provide a platform for emerging artists and are introducing two stunning new ranges by Laura Estellés and Olivia Hicks'

'Winners announced of Wraptious competition'

'Artist Pair Join Wraptious'

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